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Just one pic of the LV family! Had some time on my hands to bring everyone out for a breather hehe. Will do the Chanel phat fam photoshoot soon, watch this space :D

And, i've made a decision regarding
THIS post! Will follow up with an unwrapping post when i get the chance to take pics. Exciting!! Finally popped my Mulberry cherry people haha!

Retrospective entry

Got this baby 2 months ago. Still a few in between this purchase and the last purchase post i did but i haven't had the time to photograph so that will come later heh heh ;)

Miuccia!Collapse )


Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush

Hi guys i know i've been MIA as usual, but I'm on my well deserved week long break now, and being on holiday has given me plentttyyyy of time to wander around, go window shopping, treat my hair, have coffee, have time for BREAKFAST & TEA (unheard of meals if you're doing your housemanship lol) and plenty of internet surfing.

Found myself walking into Mulberry in Suria KLCC the other day and looking at the coveted Bayswater - i must admit i wasn't really a fan to begin with, but it sorta grew on me, that one. Of course, it was sold out, but i managed to get myself on the waiting list. I'm grand old number 23! TWENTY - THREE! Wow.. Also put my name down for an Alexa, albeit it being a little more pricey than the Bayswater. But they're both really practical bags, perfect for work. And it kinda helps a bit that my fashion icon of all time is spotted toting it all the time ;D

Mulberry Alexa - http://www.purseblog.com/satchels/mulberry-alexa-satchel.html

Mulberry Bayswater - http://www.purseblog.com/mulberry/mulberry-bayswater.html

Which one would you pick?


HI LJ-ers! I'm slapping myself for now updating for, err, 1.. 2.. 3.. err ok lets stop counting ;P

I'd like to take the opportunity to wish everyone a Happy New Year, and to let you know that my new year's resolution is to update LJ more often. HA HA!

Have a good year ahead lovers!


Birthday Unwrapping Post!

My mom got me a bag (what else lol) for my 24th birthday early last month. Well actually it was the end of July so technically it's a pre-birthday gift since i wasn't around during my actual birthday hehe..

To avoid disappointment (and long faces) I got to choose which bag i wanted so we headed over to the YSL boutique in Pavilion. I was torn between the bag i got which was grey and the same bag but in black or chocolate brown - the SA convinced me to get the former because it was a seasonal colour and only available for Fall/Winter '09 whereas the black and brown were permanent colours reproduced every season. He said, "You can come back for the black next month!" I like his way of thinking! ;)

Bla bla bla enough chatter, on to the pictures!


Chanel XXL

Ok i'm just going to pretend i didn't leave this blog high and dry for almost 2 months (gasp!) and go ahead and post an entry like nothing happened :D

Anyways i was browsing through the September issue of Harper's Bazaar Malaysia when i stumbled upon what looked like my black patent reissue in the "You've Got to Have It..." section and I thought, no way would Harper's Bazaar be a year behind, right? Right! After careful reading (and a measuring tape handy) i realized that this was the brand new and highly coveted Chanel XXL which measures a whopping  39cm x 48cm x 10cm !! No seriously, you need to take out your measuring tape and measure for yourself because this baby is heeeuge! 

But if you're like me and you're too lazy to rummage for a tape, a picture is worth a thousand words :D




Omg you guys I'm so sorry for being such a lazy bum! Hehe. I'm done with exams and yay I've (finally) completed my degree!! Technically that makes me a jobless bum right now but i love it! Currently in Australia on vaykay so I promise I'll update as soon as I get back home sweet home. Hope everyone's taking good care of yourselves! Chat soon xx

Hiatus! :/

I'll be going on a short hiatus due to upcoming exams my loves - please wish me luck, I'm going to need it! ;) There will be no new posts for a few weeks, but i will buzz again as soon as i finish, hopefully with lots of new stuff to post up. Thanks for reading! 



I got this from my salon today - Redken Vivagen Treatment; enrichment for thinning hair. Each 150ml bottle is worth RM75.

I have a very serious problem with hair fall so i had to do something before i go bald for good! Will use this product regularly for a month then review it for you guys, so watch this space (and see if it fills with hair).


P/s i got a new hit counter! Not using maploco anymore, switched to flagcounter which i much prefer since i can count hits as well! But i'm starting from zero again, oh well :P