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Christian Dior Gaucho Bag

Tote vs Saddle - who wins? You decide!
Nevermind girls! Thanks for your input but the auction ended and someone else won the bag :(:(:( Just so you know i went with the double saddle gaucho hehe..

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Miss Blair at the MTV Movie Awards 2009 red carpet in a super hot body hugging Emilio De La Morena cut-out dress, the new Brian Atwood “Brie” purple suede booties and Cathy Waterman jewels. I am still getting tingles over the GG season finale - best ending ever!!!

I Want This!

Was browsing through Tongue in Chic when i found this and I want it! It has a tail! And ears!!! AND FRIGGIN HIND LEGS TOO homaigoshhhh if this is you, you friggin' rock my socks mate! <333



Rag and Bone; Resort 2010

Fucking ace collection! This is definitely my favourite kind of style - very casual chic, effortless looks with rough edges! Everything is so well accessorized and balanced, i wish i could dress like this every single day i kid you not, if only i were skinny like these models! Here are my picks - although all of them would have been fine by me! Loves it x10 million!!

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Continuation of language lessons :)

Such a cute video by Connie and Marcus of Chictopia. Enjoy ;)

Lets Learn French with Louis!

This was very educational for me, hope you guys will enjoy it too lol. Turn the volume up and repeat after Janka! :D:D

With this ring i thee wed..

Okay maybe i won't go so far as making these wedding rings, but costume jewellery is just so much fun, especially when they cost a kidney! These are some of my picks from Barneys xx

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Vintage Chanel

Remember i wanted to post pictures of the chanel bag my mom gave to me some time back - well i never really got around to it... Ok fine i admit, i forgot! But last night as i was browsing the chanel forum on TPF (i really need to stop doing that and start studying!) i found two other girls with the same bag and it reminded me!

It's actually the Jumbo vintage flap in black lambskin, and according to my mom she got it circa the early '90s which is so exciting because i was only around 5 or 6 years old at the time and to be using something that has been passed down from one generation to another is just so nostalgic. Maybe if i don't batter the bag too much i can hand it down to my daughter in the future, awww :):)

The main difference between them and the newer bags are that the vintage bags are much sturdier. They don't have any slouch at all and it can easily stand on its own. The straps are definitely longer, even on me and i'm already so tall! The double C's are also bigger and flattened, if that makes any sense? You can see in the pictures what i'm talking about lol. There's also a small engraving at the corner of the double C's.

Anyways enough blabber on to visuals! I've also included the pictures that i found on TPF - user calisnoopy has a really cool collection - she has F I V E vintage flaps can you imagine! I'm super envious. The white is from user expat and hers is so unique!


Chanel "Paris-Moscou 2008/2009"

I got these pics from the Chanel forums on Purseblog, hope you enjoy them! There are some pieces which are just gorgeous and some pieces that made me go meh, but this collection is definitely a collectors dream! It would best suit someone who wants pieces that would stand out, unfortunately i don't think i'll be able to afford any of these lol. But still drool-worthy though, the collection is just so exhilarating!!

xoxo, your Matriochka ;)

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